Testimonial: Claire Burnet

My husband Andy and I had the crazy idea to become chocolatiers, making truly fresh chocolates with local ingredients wherever possible, back in the early 2000s, all driven by my love of and exposure to the world of continental chocolate when my parents had lived in Belgium. However, back then there weren’t any training courses available in the UK.

We were very lucky to be told about Andrew offering one-to-one training and we spent an intense time with him learning the key skills and techniques we needed to get us started.

Andrew was extremely patient with us and also gave us insights into the fine chocolate industry, with evenings spent in the pub discussing the world of chocolate. He was also brilliant at supporting us in the early days of our business when we were going through a pretty vertical learning curve, being on the end of the phone whenever we needed advice.

We wouldn’t be where we are now without Andrew’s training and encouragement, which gave us the confidence to start our business.

Claire Burnet