Testimonial: Charlotte Calver

After 30 years catering in the Weddings and Events business I decided to retrain as a chocolatier, opening Brecon Chocolates in July 2018. This was a fairly ambitious undertaking for a complete novice, not helped by the fact it was the hottest summer on record for 30 years and anyone knowing how temperamental chocolate is, will totally understand the difficulties we faced. It was at this point my saviour came to the rescue with a one-to-one training day, and with a bit of tweaking Andrew sent us on our way to a successful summer.

Andrew revisited again in October, prior to us launching our Christmas range, which need shelf life extension and off we went towards a very busy Christmas 2018. Andrew couldn’t have been more helpful, informative and willing to offer support on the day and over the phone.

Having one-to-one help, for a novice chocolatier as I was, was the best investment in my career so far and I was thrilled to have him back for another days training, teaching me cocoa butter work, which set me up for our first and successful Easter 2019.

Andrew has the uncanny ability to make you feel at ease and offers lots of praise and encouragement. Combined with his great sense of humour and story telling he is a “must have” for all up and coming chocolatiers!

Charlotte Calver
Brecon Chocolates