Testimonial: Amanda Torkington

After taking a trip to Bruges, in 2001, I was inspired to make a career change to working with chocolate.

I had to find the right person to train me and fortunately, after making a number of phone calls and talking to lots of people, I was put in touch with the amazing Andrew Thwaite. 

As I was feeling quite nervous about the possibility of starting a new chapter in my career, the passion, enthusiasm and down to earth approach that came across from Andrew, instantly made me feel completely at ease and also very excited at the prospect of having one-to-one training. It also made me realise that I had made the right decision in a future career change. 

What an amazing, thoroughly enjoyable and educational introduction into the world of chocolate with an incredibly talented TOP chocolatier. Andrew is now someone I can always go to for help and advice to this day – not only a great mentor, but also a valued friend.

Amanda Torkington
Cheshire Chocolates