Kitchen and Facilities Hire

The kitchen facilities and space at the Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie (YACP) are available to hire, Monday to Friday, for various uses including:

  • Recipe development
  • Filming
  • Photography shoots
  • Cookery, patisserie, sugar and chocolate demonstrations
  • Market research
  • Product development
  • Product launches
  • Training and other promotional events
  • Broadcasting and tutorial videos

We support food producers and manufacturers by making our facilities available to hire as a production and development facility. We have dedicated days and times for small producers to rent space and not only have the opportunity to step up the scale of their production, but to work alongside other agencies, suppliers and organisations and exchange advice and ideas.

Facilities at the Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie

The Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie includes:

  • Our demo/seating area occupying approximately 40 square metres
  • Our kitchen area, which is approximately 45 square metres
  • TV screen with three HD cameras for video tutorials, Zoom, YouTube, etc

The Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie is equipped with:

  • Eight induction hobs
  • Eight ovens
  • Plenty of refrigerator space (30 cubic feet)
  • Irinox MultiFresh Next blast freezer
  • Irinox CP Next Multi holding cabinet
  • Pizza Group Pyralis eight pizza oven
  • Unox BAKERTOP MIND Maps countertop, patisserie, deck oven and prover
  • Tabletop dough sheeter
  • A freezer
  • Three microwaves
  • Two Thermomixes
  • Two countertop fryers
  • Vacuum packer
  • Sous vide water bath
  • Six KitchenAid mixers
  • A Planetary mixer
  • A hot water urn for tea/coffee
  • Boardroom style seating for twelve persons

Our Chocolate Room, situated next to the Academy, is equipped with the following:

  • FBM Proxima 25kg continuous tempering machine
  • SELMI Ghana Legend 25kg continuous tempering machine
  • KeyChoc AX 60kg continuous tempering machine
  • KeyChoc AML automated bar moulding line
  • SELMI RS200 enrober
  • Two Chocolate World 15kg chocolate melters
  • Chocolate World Wheelie tempering and moulding machine
  • Pralienfix manual depositor
  • Microwave
  • Laboratory panning machine
  • KitchenAid mixer
  • Airbrush and compressor
  • Heavy duty compressor and spray gun
  • Induction hob
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Commercial scales
  • Humidity controlled chocolate holding fridge

We have a vast range of small equipment, moulds, frames, bakeware and other items.

Smaller appliances such as mixers and blenders are also available, and all cleaning equipment is supplied for your use to ensure the space is ready for the next user.

The rates to hire the Academy are:

  • Full-day (9am–5pm): £475+VAT
  • Half-day (9am–1pm or 1pm–5pm): £300+VAT

If you’d like to hire the space at the Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie, please contact us and we’ll provide you with full details.

Please note, hiring the space at the Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate & Patisserie is subject to availability and multiple bookings (all made at the same time) may benefit from special rates.