3 Day 3D Printing and Mould Making for Chocolate and Desserts with Martin Chiffers

Getting started with 3D or wants to see how you can use in your business? In the master class we get to understanding 3D Printing technology, how to get started the available resources and processes used to create bespoke forms to be made in to chocolate or desserts moulds with practical examples made during the class.

Students will learn there are lots of ways to make moulds, all of which use very different construction and application techniques depending on what you are molding and what your end objective is.
Awareness of these different methods will help you understand their relationship to each other.
Student will be taken through the process of planning preparing moulds especially for chocolate and desserts.

3D and mould making techniques covered:

  • Getting Started with 3D Printing
  • Equipment selection and processes
  • 3D Designing and Resources
  • Printing the Designs
  • Printing Materials
  • Finishing 3D Prints
  • Silicone and Resin Safe handling and general information
  • Handmade and machine thermoform moulds flowers + Leaves
  • Constructing a Simple Mould Box from Wood, Perspex, Vinyl or Foam Boards
  • Release agents when moulding
  • Working with Chromatic Alginate / Aja Safe + Alginate Retarders
  • Body Double SILK Direct Skin Casting body parts
  • One piece silicone mouldings and slit moulds
  • Two Piece silicone Mouldings, Boxed with Keys
  • Using Modroc as Support
  • expanding foam support
  • Shim dividers for moulds
  • Plastic support shells with skin mould
  • Other support shells available
  • Mould items
  • 3D Printed Moulds
  • Large Mould (with Support Shell)
  • Split moulds
  • Two Piece Moulds
  • Life Casting Body Parts (Each Hand one face)
  • Putty Moulds (Adhoc)
  • Thermoforming
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 15 July, 2024 – 17 July, 2024
 All Day
 3 Days
Subject: 3 Day 3D Printing and Mould Making for Chocolate and Desserts with Martin Chiffers

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